One man's death affects so many

On April 2nd, 1979 changed the fate of NFL owners, teams, players and their fans.

If Carroll Rosenbloom stayed in his beach house that day.

Here's what would happen.


April 2nd, 1979

Fate That four letter word is why at this second were all here. ,

Here's the story about how the color of some swimming trunks change the lives of the NFL, players, owners, coaches, cities and even you, .

On April 1, 1979 Carrol Rosenboom owner the Los Angeles Rams went on a mini vacation with his wife Georgia to their beach front home in Florida.

The next morning Georgia kept saying to CR she bought him a new pair swimming trunks.

She said that they were on the bed.

Around 11 AM CR was on the phone with the Commissioner of the NFL Pete Roselle.

Georgia till CR she's going shopping and we'll be back this afternoon.

When CR gets off the phone he was in the bedroom to look for his swimming trunks. He didn't see them anywhere.

But, he truly didn't care.

Because there has been something on his mind concerning the Rams.

He calls up his son Steve and Don Klosterman to say he will be back in LA tonight.

And wants to meet with them 8 AM

Georgia at 4 PM walks into their home and sees CR packing some close.

She's shocked to see him and asked why didn't you go swimming.

CR said couldn't find the pair of swimming trunks in the bedroom.

They both go into the bedroom and Georgia points on the bed there they are like I said

But why CR could not see them is the trunks and the bedspread or virtually the same color.

Here is how color of swimming trunks change the lives of so many people.

Carroll Rosenbloom gets off the phone with NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.

Looks for his swimming trunks and can't find them.

So he decides to have a meeting with his GM, Don Klosterman and his son steve.

Makes reservation with TWA to fly back to LA that evening.

His wife, Georgia, gets back from shopping and is shocked CR didn't go swimming.

Flies back alone to LA.

The next morning the three meet.

CR sees the threat from frisco.

The Niners new owner, Eddie Debartolo Jr., has an open bank account because of his Dad's money.

The fate of so many changes that instant.

1979 to 2005

1979:In Super Bowl 14, CR's dream comes true, seeing his Rams in the Super Bowl. CR, Don Klosterman and Steve Rosenbloom get the Respect long overdue as the best owner, GM and asst. to the owner in sports.As CR and Art Rooney meet at the fifty yard line for the coin flip of SB 14. Steelers win their fourth Super Bowl 31-19.In the 1979 draft instead of taking Eddie Hill in the second round they took rb William Andrews

1980:Signing Bruzinski instead of letting him go to Miami is the key reason of winning the western division instead of being the wild card team. In the first game against Atlanta, Bruzinski intercepted a pass from Bartkowski to secure the win. Rams lose to the Eagles in the NFC Championship game 20-17. CR wanted to make a sandwich in his bel air mansion, opened up the pantry and saw his wife, georgia, kissing the organ player dominic frontiere. He closed the door, called his attorney and because of the pre nup agreement with georgia cuts out a check for 2 million and said happy trails. Needing some time to himself, put his son in charge until he gets back. Gets on his Harley and hits the road. Georgia and Dominic have a press conference and announce they will form a nightclub act.

1981:The Rams resign Hacksaw Reynolds and when Fred Dean visits the Rams in the 4th game of the season, he is signed. The Niners without those two, but still have Montana and Lott become a very good team, but, not a Super Bowl team. In the 1982 instead of drafting Dave Galloway they took Andre Tippett. Rams finish first with a 11-5 record, the Niners with a 10-6 record and was a wild card loser. The Rams make the Super Bowl and win it with a great veteran defense. Rams 17 Bengals 3. Jack Youngblood, Dave Elmendorf, Hacksaw, Fred Dryer, Larry Brooks, Rod Perry, Ray Malavasi, rich saul and the other veterans finally get their ring.

1982:In this strike shorten season the World Champion Rams go 6-3 and lose in the first round of the playoffs. In the 1981 draft the Rams pick Mike Singletary instead of Mel owing Pat Haden retires. CR comes back on his harley but not alone. A knockout of a woman is with him. Her name is Sandy and she is in love true love with CR.

In the 1983 draft the Rams traded their second overall draft pick for two late first round picks. They took Dan Marino and defensive back Darrell Green.. The Rams go 11-5 and win their division. Lose to the Redskins in the NFC Championship game. Redskins win Super Bowl 35-21.

1984:The Rams go 10-6 and the Niners win the division with a 11-5 record. The Niners become the Chargers of the 80's. Offensive numbers but no ring. The Rams lose the wild card game to the Giants.

1985:The Dan Marino era starts. After going 2-4 in his first six starts, the Rams win the next 10 in a row. Winning the division with a 14-2. Lose in the NFC Championship game to the Bears.

1986:Marino has his best year so far. Rams go 12-4 and lose in the Championship game 21-20 to the Giants.The 1986 draft the Rams took linebacker Pat Zwilling over mike schad.

1987:Rams go 10-5 in the strike shorten season and our a wild card team. The Saints win the division. New Orleans wins their first Super Bowl against the Broncos 28-17.

1988:The Rams put it together and go 15-1 and dominate the playoffs and win their 2nd Super Bowl. 20-10 Rams over the Bengals .In the 1988 draft instead of taking Gaston Green with their first round pick they took Thurman Thomas.

1989:Injuries in the beginning of the season derailed the Rams in the first half of the season. With Ellard and Drew Hill, Marino becomes MVP of the league. Rams barely get by the Giants in the NFC Championship game 10-9. Win their 3rd Super Bowl with a 35-7 whipping of the Broncos. Ray Malavasi retires. Then accepts the coaching job at USC. Hires Coach King as his defensive coor. Larry Brooks become head coach of the Rams.

1990:Jack Youngblood makes the hof the first time availble. The Rams behind the passing of Marino and the recieving of ellard, drew hill and Ron Brown go 13-3. Lose to the Falcons in the NFC Championship game against the falcons. Jim Everett QB the falcons to their first super bowl.

1991:CR and Klosterman announce that the Rams in 1995 will have a new home. A state of the art football/horse racing stadium right on the pacific ocean. CR says it will be known as "the surf meets the turfs". 800 million. A 90,000 STATE OF THE ART STADIUM. Marino has his best season so far passing for 5200 yards and 53 td's. Rams go 15-1 and win the Super Bowl 35-21 against the Raiders.

1992:Steve Rosenbloom becomes President as CR retires. Marino win MVP as he leads the Rams to a 14-2 record. Throwing only 6 int for the year. The Rams roll thru the playoffs and meets the Steelers in the SB. Marino throws 4 TD passes to the SB MVP and leading the Rams their second straight championship.

1993:The Rams stumble and lose 4 of their first 7 games. Marino is subpar for those first 7 games. While the Niners go 7-0 and take a 4 game lead. The Ramfans give Marino a 7 minute standing ovation thanking him for the championships. That seemed to ignite Marino as the last 8 regular season games leads the Rams 8-0. The Niners and Rams meet in the NFC Championship game in a classic. The Niners led 28-7 with 8 minutes to go when Marino hits Ellard on three long TD.

In Montana's last chance at the SB his Running Back Waters fumbles and Lyght picks it up and goes 55 yards for the winning TD. The Rams make history by winning their 3rd SB in a row. Beating the Raiders 35-14.

1994:St. Louis gets a NFL Franchise and names their team the St. Louis Red Birds. The Rams go to the ground and with a stellar offensive line set NFL records with two 1800 yard running backs. They go 13-3 and dominate the playoffs and Super Bowl. Winning their 4th Supere Bowl in a row.

1995: The Rams set a attendance record selling out 90,000 for the next 4 years. Injuries will derail the Rams going for their 5th super bowl in a row. They go 11-5 and become a wild card team. Dallas dominates winning the super bowl.

In Dan Marino last year he takes the Rams to a 15-1 regular season record. Shutout out the Packers and Giants in the playoffs. And allows 3 points in the SB WITH A 45-3 WHIPPINING OF THE pATRIOTS.

Players, Coaches and owners

BILL WALSH:With the Rams keeping Hacksaw and signing Fred Dean. The Niners don't become the team of the 80's but the chargers of that decade.

Joe Montana:Becomes the Dan Fouts of the 80's. Great QB but no ring.

Georgia Frontiere: She and Hubby mainline at the Tick Tock inn in Weed Patch, California.

Jack Youngblood is a first ballot Hall of Famer

The fans

Fearsome=His talent as an artist is notice at a LA Ram home game. He gets so well known is just goes by fearsome.

Shaky=On a flight to LA to see his Rams he strikes up a conversation with the guy nest to him. Within 3 years he becomes the ambassadoor of the universe.

Daddo=Since the Rams are not in St. Louis on a Sunday he buys a lottery ticket and wins 200 million. He joins the John Birch society and become a Goldwater republican.

Mailman=Since the Rams are not in St. Louis he creates a policy that makes him Postmaster. His idea, work on Sunday for minimum wage.

Coach King=Becomes defensive coach for USC, when his Head Coach, Ray malavasi retires, he become head coach.

Ramtrasher=When a softball hits him in the head his personality changes. He becomes so caring that he is known by "Mr. Warmth" by the ladies.

Anthony=After saving Tony D. life on the air when he tried to kill himself, gets his break. He becomes the Rush Limbaugh of sports. Carried in 3,000 stations across the world.

Tony D.=Host of the popular sportsline talk radio in Fresno has a mental collapse live on his radio show. His envy of the Rams mentally drained him. All he says is "BEAT LA BEAT LA". As he stares at the wall.