You are probably thinking this is a tribute to Roman Gabriel. Close, it's a tribute to Roman the cat. Now I know what your thinkin, "ah, another pet lover showing off their stupid pet. Roman stupid, how many animals you know that when they get their picture taken, he gives you that John Barrymore side view. Heck, you don't even do that. Now listen to the story. It was 1am and Gerald the Niner fan is over and were betting each other who can solve the missions first in the Nintendo 64 game called "Goldeneye". (one in the morning betting on video games, you must think highly of me). We have two of my chairs facing the TV and there is about 3 feet between them. He starts in on what geniuses the niners front office is on how they beat the salary cap. That thinking truly pisses me off, cause extending the contracts to the stars is slow death. Your robbin Peter to pay Paul, it will become due BIG TME. So I start yelling at him saying "you are the dumbest Bastard on the planet" this wakes up Roman who was sleeping on the couch. Now picture this. Roman gets up and comes over between the two chairs and faces Gerald and sits at attention for about two seconds (all the time staring at him) and with his right big paw gives Gerald a open claw swat on his left arm and then sits back at attention. It was like Roman was saying 'LISTEN TO THE MAN WHEN HE TALKS TO YOU". I got to be honest, I was kinda in shock in what I had just seen. Now all this time Gerald was playing the game and when he got tagged his eyes got big turned to Roman and just yelled in pain. That is why Roman is the greatest animal that ever lived. and another thing about his greatness, I'm on the couch and he is typing what I am saying.

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