I bought the game for my playstation 2.

I tried to get a Head Coaching job with the Rams.

I was hired in the year 1978.

The owner was Cal Realgreatguy.

I thought that was weird.

I take the Rams to a 12-4 record.

Go to the NFC Championship game.

The next time I turn the game on it has a blinking message thats says IMPORTANT MESSAGE READ NOW!!!!!.

I hit the message and it says "Your owner drowned a his wife "Goldbricka" is now the owner.

In the 79 season I take the Rams to a 9-7 record but, make the Super Bowl.

Starting in 1980, our front office let key players like LB Bill Bowlinski go.

After whipping the Cowboys on a Monday night, the new GM Judo Satin offers me a five year contract a head coach of the Rams.

It ask do you want your attorney to look at the contract.

I said hell no that take time from the game.

And anyway it just a game.

The 81 was a disaster.

The Front office letting our no. 1 QB , Vick Fairgamemo, go to canada because of a lousy 50,000.

The 82 season was even worse.

Going in the last game of the season my team had just one win.

But, the last game we knocked frisco out of the playoffs for my second win.

Right when the game was over it started blinking IMPORTANT MESSAGE READ NOW.

It said "gm Judas Satin over the phone fired me and I should go and clean out my office.

With a binkink DO NOW.

I hit the do now link and I am met by a Ram security officer to escort me to my former office.

He stands over me to make sure I don't take anything that belongs to the Rams.

You know like Ram pens.

The game doesn't have where I can leave Judas a message for him and Goldbricka that says FUCK YOU OR GO FUCK YOURSELF.

So I turn the game off.

I didn't turn it back on for 3 weeks.

When I did that blinking IMPORTANT MEASSAGE READ NOW came on.

The hell with that.

I unplug the PS2 from the AC.

Take out the EA Head Coach game.

Put in God of War 2 (great game)

Play that a little bit and put back in the Head Coach game again.


I hit the link and it said. "Since I didn't have my attorney look over my 1980 contact alot of stipulations came in affect. They attactched my personal account and my restaurant too. I won't be lonk before the CHAPTER 13 ENTERS YOUR MIND."

Th first thing I did was look at my door and moniter waiting for Rod Serling to appear saying "he wanted to be head coach as this one and only ea head coach game takes him to the twilight zone"


Since this one was the last message I hit the link.

This was what it said.

"While in bankrupty court I had a massive stroke and die. Three days later the Rams were at home playing the Broncos.

The owner of the Rams remarried her new name is Goldbrica Foreva.

Godbricka and GM Judas Satin decided not to give me a moment of silence to the guy that took their team to the only Super Bowl less that 7 years ago.

No more blinkin lights and now more past years to coach.

The game became normal which was boring.

EA, it was in the game.