FACTS AND THE TRUTH This is the hardest post that I ever wrote.

I have never slammed a Ram player or Ram coach.

But after hearing Bill Plascke on the radio selling fiction, that's about to change.

Let me start at the beginning.


Around seven years ago I bought a copy of "Hard Knox".

It is the career of head coach Chuck Knox.

LA Times reporter Bill Plasche co-wrote with Knox.

After reading it this is exactly what I did.

I EMAILED PLASCHE AT LA TIMES AND SAID I just read your book "Hard Knox".

Here is a word of wisdom.

Do some back checking on what you write.

Take care

PLASCHE REPLIED WITHIN ONE HOUR He said "What are you referring to?"

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WROTE The 1974 NFC championship game you state "We're down 14-10 late in the game".

The truth is it was 7-3 Vikings in the 3rd quarter when James Harris was six inches from beating Doug Williams by 13 years as the first black starting QB in the Super Bowl. Knox forgets to say Harris just inches from a TD, went on a long count.

In the 1976 NFC championship game you state "On third and two from the Viking two, we do a reverse with Ron Jessie."

Well the fact is it was second down when they did that flanker reverse with Jessie".

I know you are saying trivial.

These are not trivial.

You write "I started that 1976 season with Harris, and in our first 8 games HE leads us to a 6-1-1 record".

Well, James Harris didn't start the first two games.

In fact, he only played in half of the 8 games.

Hell, Bill, you work for the LA Times.

Would of taken your asst. no time to look it up.

But, this is not why I wrote.

In just 35 pages (the LA chapter) you were able to make one of the greatest owners (CR) look and act like Georgia.

And make one of the best general managers ever (Don Klosterman) look like a lackey.

Bill, tell me the truth.

Do you truly believe the Hadl to Green Bay trade was Knox doing?

Not Klosterman?

Hell I found this on the internet


"Green Bay came to us with an offer you can't refuse,'' Klosterman said.

"As Carroll Rosenbloom (the Rams owner) has always said, we strive for continuity."

"The draft choices leave us in excellent shape.''

While Klosterman and Rosenbloom are no longer around to speak of the trade from a historical context, Knox remembers it as one that the Rams simply couldn't pass up.

"They had a football coach there (Devine) who had control of personnel,'' Knox said.

"He could make trades or whatever and he didn't have to go through a lot of people."

"So he wanted a quarterback very badly and Carroll Rosenbloom and Don Klosterman DECIDED that we would be able to get along"

"We had a very good football team. We had James Harris and (Ron) Jaworski and quarterbacks like that.

I know in 1988 the internet wasn't what it is today.

But, you had something better.


I think you knew better.

Let me end this by saying this.

Knox mentions the name that is responsible for this book being written only once (and that is to take credit for him being a head coach).

I am talking about Ray Malavasi.

The years Malavasi was defensive coordinator of the Rams.

From 1973 through 1977, the Rams' defense allowed the FEWEST rushing yards.

Allowed the FEWEST rushing touchdowns.

Allowed the FEWEST total yards and allowed the FEWEST points while amassing the MOST sacks of ANY team in the NFL.

In other words, the Ram defense was number one.

Don't take my word how much Malavasi meant to the defense.

Take Jack Youngblood's.

He said without Ray the Rams would of been half as good.

Then in the Buffalo chapter you say "Here was my Ram team that went to the Super Bowl with a Coach, Ray Malavasi, that I hired."

It was Ray Malavasi's defensive scheme called the "Quarter" (4 lineman 7 DB's) that the Rms used against the Cowboys in the 1979 playoff that confuse Staubach so bad his last pass he ever threw was caught by Herb Scott, his offensive lineman.

What is truly disgusting is Ray Malavasi died when you were writing this book and Knox says nothing in behalf of Ray.

Bill, that is right up there with Georgia saying nothing about her late husband (who has been dead less than 8 months) in Super Bowl 14.

You see, without that Malavasi's Ram defense, there is no five straight division titles.

Which means no job in Buffalo and Seattle, which means no book.

A red flag should of gone up when he started to slam Ralph Wilson.

Knox living in Palm Desert and being a member of La Quinta Country Club (sure aint that sewickley, huh Bill).

(sewickly is a term Knox would use meaning down to earth, real people)

Anyway your a good writer even if someone is feeding you bullcrap.

Take Care

BILL PLASCHE REPLIES THE NEXT DAY As you know since you didn't sign your name I can't talk about it.

But, thanks for buying the book.

FOR THE NEXT YEAR I emailed Plasche over 15 times. Signing my name every way possible.

No reply at all.

THEN I WROTE MY LAST EMAIL TO HIM It said exactly this:

Bill, I feel like an asshole emailing you over 20 times with my signed name written every possible way.

This is my last email to you.

But, I want you to know what you wrote about Carroll Rosenbloom and Ray Malavasi in "Hard Knox" won't stand.

Since these two are longer with us to defend themselves, I will be their mouth piece.

And I think they like that.

Take Care


I swear this is the first email I got.

I was young when I wrote that book.

But, I will look over what you said needed to be changed.

My feeling of Knox and plascke

Chuck Knox was a great coach.

But I think most of the slander is from Bill Plascke.

It is his kind of writing.

It took me 7 years before this stuff was written.

And I had to take me listening to plascke on the radio.

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