When you are battling the big C. Have had surgery after surgery on the colon, liver and more. Constant blood work done because of blood clots in both lungs.

And when you add that every team your a fan of either is one of the worst teams in the league (my Rams) or not even having a season (my Lakers) or being the laughing stock with who owns the team (my Dodgers) or is on probation (my USC Trojans)

You are emotionally drained.

But, thanks to my USC Trojans last night and my Rams today I felt something I haven't felt for a long time.


Last night I didn't sit down for the entire 2nd half.

Screaming at the refs for their bad calls.

And that feeling carried over today.

And when I saw my Rams in those uniforms, it took me back to the 79 Rams when I was young and healthy.

And they played like those 70's teams.

If I could bottle the emotional lift those two teams gave me I would give it to my chemo pals.

It is the best cancer fighting drug on the market.

Keep those uniforms Rams