Joe beat out my Father as the Greatest Ramfan of All time. It was a dead heat,but,Joe paid more at the window (sorry Pop's). I was six years old when I walked down those steep Coliseum stairs and seeing that beautiful field for the frst time. Looking for MY seat. When I found our 3 seats, I took the aisle one. I would have it for every Ram game for the next 13 seasons. I made contac with a man who sat on the aisle seat straight across. Don't take this wrong,but, growing up in a Goldwater home, I was kind of shy when this blackman said to me "You got a great seat there son" and introduced himself to my Dad, brother and me. Joe was all 5ft 7in and weighed 140 dripping wet. He would have his radio in his pocket and the the wire woud lead to his ear and he would listen to Dick Engberg. His legs crossed and with his ever present chesterfield in his fingers. Whenever the Ram would fumble or throw an interception I always would turn my head to him for reassurance and he knew I was looking at him and he would give me this "don't worry" nod. The greatest thing he did for me was when I was 13. You know that age when you act like, what is the word,oh yes, a complete ass. Well, me and one of my friends were laughing at whatever our parents would do. My Dad dropped the protector lid on his binauclars and we start laughing lie that was the funniest thing in life. Joe looking at us and then says Jerry give me a hand getting dogs and cokes. When we were in line he says "Jerry, don't treat your pop that way are you hearing me. He loves you". and I say something like he knows were kidding. By the time I reached my seat his words hit home and I never acted like that again. Thanks Joe. Now his knowledge of football and Ram football. That infamous lost down game against Chicago, when Gabriel threw his last incompletetion everyone was M/Fing Gabe for throwing into double coverage, everyone except Joe. Refs blew it he kept saying, he knew that we only had three downs. In the 1975 NFC Championship game, because of that hail mary we play Dallas instead of the Vikings. Before