I just want to thank the Lord for giving us a memory. Because whenever I am feeling low or things aren't going as planned. And your mind is thinking of a thousand things at once, then all of a sudden that Sunday of the Ram-Dallas 1979 playoff game seems like it just happened. My Father, step mother, brother, his wife, my best friend, his wife and my Wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were at my condo watching the game. When Dallas took the lead late in the fourth quarter, it looked like another snakebitten loss for our Rams. But, with 2 minutes to go and Vinnie hit Waddy for the game winning TD, I slide on my knees to about an inch from the screen, looking for a flag, when there wasn't one, I turn around and I see the 7 of them hugging each other and jumping up and down as if it was just one person. I go and join them, but, my momentum knocks the seven off balance and we go crashing in the coffee table breaking it in two but we never let go of each other and could care less of what we just did. As all 8 of us lie there hugging and screaming with joy, my Father and Brother's faces are etched forever in my mind. and since the two of them are no longer with us, it is one of the most important memories I have.

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