I am to blame for her living on the streets, hunting wild dog for dinner, and having to use her son, Noah, as bait. Your asking yourself why am I responsible for her new and exciting lifestyle. Well, it goes like this, she had a class called "Will you be living next door to Bob Hope or will your life have no hope". She had a book report (that was 99.99% of her grade) due on her late Father. Since I am the only family member that has the family facts, she would need to talk to me. She said she came over and I wouldn't answer my door. So Instead of watching Bob Hope mow his lawn, she just threw out her son, Noah, as chum for a late night snack. So with this website, I am telling the world I am to blame (well, it's really her fault because all she had to do is open my door to my no-wide mobile home and she didn't. Just keep it between you and me). So let's start this book report.

Describe Aleisha's Dad (my brother)

First, let's be honest. When you lose a love one that person becomes greater than he was. And we know that isn't true (except for my Dad who was the greatest). In some categories, Aleisha Dad was the greatest of all-time (and have the facts to prove it), then their is some categories he is just normal like you and me. And other categories he had no interest in. To your left you see the links and the categories in which he has no equal. Just hit the link and their is the fact.