In 1985, there was the 7 supermarket union strike in LA.

Rick got me hired with him as a red hat (keep peace between the scabs and the strikers on the picket line.

We worked the Safeway distribution center. This complex was the size of a city (it where all the food is stored for their 200 stores).

Rick worked the 6am to 6pm shift and I worked the 6pm to 6am shift. There was 40 of us red hats from all walks of life. There was around 10 off duty LAPD detectives and then there was the 6 members of the "blood's".

The smallest one of them was called tiny and he was 6ft 3in and round 220lbs. They weren't the type you would be hanging ot with to get a fresca with.

They kept to themselves.

There was this one striker that was an asshole.

You would see this 1960 falcon come in, it would be a family and the wife is dropping off the husband and their would be two kids ages 5 and 3 in the back.

As she tries to leave, these strikers are so good at walking in front of the car as soon as this one is out of the way another gets in the way.

We are telling her to keep moving slowly but she does not want to hit them and stops. With the two kids scared to death in the back,this one loudmouth would yell "Kids your momma is a scab whore and likes it in the ass".

Now you want so badly to say somethig but if you did safeway would fire you on the spot. This prick did this everyday.

Now it is a monday night and the football game is on and my brother stays there to watch it and had some drinks.

After the game, he decides to leave. Now the drive way for these big trucks is at least 75 yards long.

As Rick's van gets to the end to turn right, we see the 20 or so strikers going to his window. With the loudmouth leading the way. All of a sudden van's door opens up, when that happens we start running down there.

Rick gets out of the van with his cigarette still in his mouth, the loudmouth hits my brother with his picket sign and breaks in half. Rick calmly grabs him by his neck and with an over hand right opens his forehead like a cantolupe. and calmly gets in the van and drives away. Do you know what the other 19 did when their union brother got popped. They all yelled "get his license number" (like to go to war with them).

About 3 in the morning my brother came back and he is beating to a pulp. I mean to a pulp. Now picture what I am about to say. The "Blood's" come over to my brother and they start taking care of his wounds.

They tell me to get some peroxide (first time they said anything to me) and here they are with cotton taking care of his wounds.

When the leader says to my brother "Rick, tell us what bar it is and we will go in like the wind".

These blacks were going to risk going to jail or maybe even risk their lives for this white guy. I think of this virtually everyday on how well liked he was.

Do you think they would of done that for you. Hell, they would be pissed at you for spilling some of your blood on their air jordans.