Roman is the greatest Ramfan of them all.

You wouldn't of done what he did, I know I wouldn't.

But first, a bio on Roman the Cat.

He was named after Roman Gabriel.

But, when people say "Roamin, what a great name did you name him?". I just agree and take the praise.

Roman weight is around 45 pounds, his paws are the size of Sonny Liston's.

And what really stands out is he has thumbs.

So when I am making out bills (mostly for his food) he will jump up on my desk and take the pen from my hand and ponders what to write.

I plead with him and say "Roman, please just write the letter "t" and our lives will change forever.

Cabo San Lucas for me and fresh tuna for you.

He will hold that pen for about 6 seconds then drop it and looks at me as if to say "Feed Me".

Now on to the incident that makes this cat the greatest Ram fan of all time.

A good friend of mine named Gerald, who is a niner fan, came over one Saturday night with the Madden 98 football game for the playstation that just came out.

We put two of my chairs looking straight at the TV that were 2 feet apart.

He takes his 94 whiners and I take the 79 Rams.

Well, they made those 94 niners twice as fast and good as my 79 Rams (anybody who played this game knows what I am talking about).

We bet and my team always played tough but would lose.

Now the bet is who scores more ponts vs the computer on hard play.

So now he is playing the 79 ram computer.

It is around one in the morning and all the normal people are in bed except for me and Gerald.

Roman is asleep on the couch.

It is a tradition for us to start "THE DEBATE". Gerald believes in his heart that the Niner front office is the greatest in sports history.

In my opinion, he is full of crap.

I say don't be stupid, little Eddie Debartolo lost 6 million a year OF DADDY'S MONEY.

And when Gerald said "I bet you Eddie makes the Hall of Fame before your Jack Youngblood does". It took around a second for me to comprehend that statement.

And less for me to yell very loud "YOU ARE THE SOB I HAVE EVER KNOWN."

This is exactly what happened next.

Roman wakes up from the couch from me screaming at Gerald and calmly comes over and sits looking directly at Gerald.

The whole time Gerald is zoned into my TV screen playing the game. And you know how arms react when playing a video game (they are all over the place).

Now look at that picture of Roman cause that is how he was looking at Gerald.

After around 10 seconds of sitting there, Roman with his big right paw gives gerald such a vicious hit on his right arm he started to bleed that instant.

Then Roman sits right back down and stares at Gerald.

Now Gerald from the blow misses Romans head with controller by an inch, and Roman never flinched.

As Gerald is screaming in pain he looks right at Roman.

And Roman look like he was saying "LISTEN TO THE MAN WHEN HE IS SCREAMING AT YOU".

Now I ask you, would you do that.

You know, your asleep on the couch and someone who weighs 900 pounds and is 12 feet tall (that's how much bigger gerald is to roman) is playing a game would you come over and hit him in the arm and when that big arm with a controller misses your head by an inch you don't flinch.

Hell, I be faking I'm asleep until he left then would talk CRAP about him.

That is why Roman has this tribute and you and me don't.

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