Nearly 30 years ago Lucia Pamela loaded her pink Cadillac up with some musician friends, a slew of instruments, a weird batch of space ballads, and headed for the moon. Their mission? Not some pre-Apollo scientific space exploration, but rather the first, and possibly only, interplanetary recording session (unless, of course, you consider some of Sun Ra's early intergalactic jazz explorations). The product of this expedition was the now legendary Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela in the Year 2000 (Lucia was apparently a time traveler as well). Lucia insists Into Outer Space was recorded on the moon. Not only that, she's not entirely happy with lunar acoustics. "The air is so thin everything sounds different up there", she once noted in an annoyed tone. Lucia Pamela is a source of inspiration,still,and she has that glimpse in her eyes that says it all.The things she did in her life and the woman she was and still is: a beautyqueen; a manager of a storyland for children in which she acted as mother Gooze; a teacher; an entertainer for presidents (She's got a thanksletter from president Bush); soldiers,children,men,women,family and strangers; a daughter of Lucia Pamela Beck,who was a composer and a pianovirtuoso; a mother of Ken Irwin,who wrote songs with her and now has a residential in Palm Springs; a mother of GEORGIA FRONTIERE,who used to sing duets with her as"The Pamela Sisters", who sings opera,so I was told,today-and owns the St.Louis Rams;the one who got the first price in 1938 for the best decorated bicycle; a lady who always took her taperecorder everywhere and taped social meetings,for she loves social meetings; a woman who once made 12 turkeys at thanksgiving in one time,and brought it to the church for the poor; a woman who did shows on radio and television,a woman who,at 'old' age, one day said 'Thank you'(for the good cares) several times to her nurse ,being answered by her nurse:"Why,you don't have to thank me Pam,I'm just doing my job",-which she replied with: "It's called intelligence" (saying 'thank you').

Here are just two of her classics. LISTENand who could ever forget. LISTEN

After reading and listening to Georgia's Mom epic album, I see where the Daughter got her brains. Since 1979, I tried to figured out what made Georgia tick,but, never could find the answer. It now makes sense to this LA Ramfan.