From come from behind TD bombs in the playoffs to game saving hits on defense.

10.Mike Lansford 48 yard game-winning FG in the last game of the 1983 season.

9.ISIAH ROBERTSON 58 yard interception for a TD in the 1974 playoff game against Washington.

8.Flipper Anderson catch in the 1989 playoff game against the Giants.

7. Jack Youngblood's interception for a TD in the 1975 playoff game against the Cardinals.

6. Isiah Robertsons 55 yard interception for a game-clinching TD in the 1974 playoff game against the Redskins.

5. The 1967 win against the Packers.

4. Mike Jones tackle in SB 34.

3. Elmendorf and Simpson's hit on Billie Jo Dupree in the 1976 playoff game.

2. Ricky Proehl game winning TD against the Bucs in the 1999 NFC championship game.

1. Vinnie to Waddy for the game winning TD in the 1979 playoff game against the Cowboys.