1979 game

If you listen to Pat Haden to Jack Youngblood (and about 20 other Ram players) you would come to the conclusion that Rich Saul is a better person than he was as a football player. Well, if this is true, Rich must be one hell of a guy because he was a great player. The six-time All-Pro also observed, "In the Seventies, 90% of the revenue came from the fans. Today, less than 30% of revenue comes from the fans. It's television. I liked it better when you had to play for the fans, when the players were more involved with the fans. "But I enjoyed our `iron-manī football. I played with a lot of great guys such as Merlin Olsen. Today itīs more specialized. Maybe a Dick Butkus or a Joe Schmidt wouldnīt play as much today." Since retiring from football, Rich has worked in banking, in real estate, and with arena football. He likes the arena game: it is designed for players to give an all-out effort and to be more involved with the fans. "Life is about giving back," Rich commented. "There are four quarters in life. In the first quarter, you grow up and learn from your parents and coaches. In the second, you break away from your parents and work on your career. In the third, you concentrate on your family and your friends. Finally, in the fourth quarter, you go into your twilight years and you say, `What have I accomplished?ī Your success in each quarter depends on how well you played the previous quarter. "Right now I'm enjoying the third quarter--make no excuses, make no mistakes, make no waves."