I was a fan of Carroll Rosenbloom like he was a Ram player.

Because he was a different kind of NFL owner. An owner that wanted his Rams to win the Super Bowl as much as their most devoted fans.

Here are just a few reasons why he was one of the greatest owners ever.

CR, GM Don Klosterman and CR's son Steve turned the Los Angeles Rams into one of the powers of the NFL.

First, CR was a hell of a businessman. He traded his Baltimore Colts for the Los Angeles Rams (not bad, huh?).

That was in 1972. The Rams 6-7-1 that year.

His first year running the Rams was 1973, with Don Klosterman as his GM and his son Steve as his asst. to the owner, they went to work.

First, they traded Roman Gabriel for Harold Jackson and Tony Baker, then they got QB John Hadl and hired Chuck Knox as Head Coach.

The Rams went 12-2 in 1973 and CR will never see them not win their division (with an outstanding 66-19-1 record).

In 1974, they traded John Hadl to green bay for three first round draft picks.

And did these three know how to pick. Mike Fanning, Dennis Harrah and Doug France.

These three were the best at drafting.

CR drowned on April 2nd, 1979.

Georgia got the team and fired everybody, including CR's son Steve who was the most prepared person to take over the Rams.

In less than 8 months after his death, his Rams were in the Super Bowl.

Did Georgia give her late husband some kind of tribute, you know, an armband like the Bears did for Halas or even a second of silence?


This is all that is said for one of the greatest NFL owners of all-timeLISTEN

THAT'S IT. Now listen to what is said for Georgia LISTEN

Within 3 months after her husband's "drowning" Dominic Frontiere moved into Georgia's Bel-Air mansion.

Instead of being thrilled and honored to be playing in the Super Bowl they were scalping tickets.

CR, Don Klosterman and Steve Rosenbloom deserved alot better. You three were the best.