In the Fifties, the Rams main radio voice, and a deep baritone voice it was, dripping with formality and a sense of tremendous IMPORTANCE in every word, was the late Bob Kelly. Sidekicks included Bill Brundage, in the days when the sidekick mainly did interviews and took you to commercial. Used to love hearing Kelly say names like Catcavage and Lundy and Lipscomb. He made Rams games sound like news coverage. Right out of the "radio announcer" mold. They don't make many like that anymore. Remember him? Later, of couse, a younger and more excitable Dick Enberg came aboard and provided the Rams listener with the best "word's eye view" I've ever heard in any sport. He pioneered the radio announcer's early use of Instant Replay video in the booth. After a big play was over and his "live" call completed with an Enbergian "Oh, My ! " Dick would allow a few moments for the crowd to holler and the tape to rewind, then CALL THE REPLAY, more analytically the second time around, to also give the RADIO fans a second bite at the apple. Nowadays, the "expert" color guy usually cops this duty, but in those days, Enberg's sidekicks (Dick "Scooter" Bass, et al) still talked less than they do now. (Thank Humble Howard and Motormouth Madden for that.) Enberg's technique became obvious when you "simul-tuned" the Rams' radio broadcast with the live tv game. Great technique, great enthusiasm. Dick Enberg could virtually staple a kid's ear to his transistor radio. Remember? From Kelly, I remember mostly his voice, his tone, and how important he made each play seem. From Enberg, I remember mostly Rams triumphs and disasters, maybe even more than I might if I had watched them on tv, and the TENSION and DRAMA he conveyed. Al Wisk and Bob Starr followed by la bob

Here is Bob Kelly calling the 1950 championship. Bob KellyHere is Dick Enberg calling the 67 block punt of GB LISTEN Here is Dick Endberg calling Merlin Olsen last play in LA LISTENHere is Al Wisk calling the Vinnie to Waddy TD against Dallas in 79 LISTEN Here is Bob Starr calling the 1983 winning FG to put the Rams in the Playoffs LISTEN