When the Rams are introduced in SB XIV and you see Head Coach Ray Malavasi, compare him to the Coaches of today. To start,  Ray's whole outfit cost less than Mike Martz's haircut. Remember that blue Ram windbreaker  he never took off? * If Ray coached today, he would be the talk of the sports world. Why? Here's one of many reasons. The Rams were going to play the unbeaten Dallas Cowboys in a regular season game and the reporters kept asking Ray "Dallas seems they can't be beat winning every game by an average of 22 points. How are the Rams going to handle this team?" Ray had enough and said this. "I don't give a damn what they have done, they haven't played us and were going to kick their ass." And they did. You don't think that wouldn't make ESPN top story?  * I swear Ray would look like Rodney Dangerfield at those post game press conferences. Press would ask "why did you change QBs"? Malavasi would snarl "none of your damn business." The best was on his 5 minute Monday morning show on radio. The host called and told Ray that they would be on after the commercials. Well Ray fell asleep put the phone on his chest, when the host came back he asked "Ray, you offense started to open up in the 3rd quarter was that planned." All you heard from Ray is his loud snoring. * But the fact is he is the first coach to get us to the big dance. In  the 79 playoffs against Dallas, Ray and Def Coorindator Bud Carson invented the "quarter" defense----4 lineman 7 def backs. It made Staubach's shotgun ineffective.