The one and only time that I had the occasion to speak to Jack Youngblood is a memory I will always treasure. I took my Cub Scout pack to Cal State Fullerton to watch them practice. It was the afternoon practice. I have pictures, but I believe that my son may have them now. The enclosed scan was was 1982, my son was 9 at the time. After practice we approached Jack, who had spent 45 minuets or better signing autographs, for a picture. It is dark as he knelt next to his truck, which the rookies had removed the door from. My son was scared to death but it was Jack who said, "I'm the one who should be scared." He signed a replica jersey for me, now in my sons collection. 17 years ago in a sports cards store in Reno I bought a real Rams helmet with a name tape "85 Youngblood" inside. Another treasure. Through 47 years of being a Ram Fan, Jack and Fred Dryer are the absolute greatest DE's to ever play the game. (well, Deacon too.)