The Rams 12 plays

12 plays that changed the fate of Ram players and Ram teams. Most of the 12 were for the best, but, a few were for the worst.


THE PLAY= Just look at the two refs in that pic and look at Jessie's in the endzone.

12. In 1976, the Vikings and Rams met again in the NFC championship game.

Here is the first quarter stats. Rams run 22 plays to the Vikings 5 plays. Rams 7 first downs to the Vikings 1 first down. Rams outgained the Vikings 89 yards to their 17.

But the Vikings are winning 7-0.

Here's how.

The Rams Ground Chuck offense was blowing holes in the Minnesota defense. On second and goal from the Viking 4 yard line, the Rams do a flanker reverse with Jessie, he scores, but the refs say no and move it to the six inch line (just look at the pics he scored the refs AGAIN blew it).

Knox decides to go for three.

Dempsey goes out for the chip shot FG. But Nate Allen blocked the kick, which bounced directly to defensive back Bobby Bryant, who dashed 99 yards for the game's first points.

That is a 14 point turnaround and the game. It was Merlin Olsen's last game in his career never to get to the SB.

6 inches from Glory

THE PLAY= The ref that said Tom Mack moved 6 inches from being in the SB.

11. In 1974, the Rams should of played the NFC Championship game against the Vikings in 70% Los Angeles instead of -12% wind chill factor Minnesota.

Both teams were 10-4, and the Rams had won their one regular-season meeting. Until 1975, however, the NFL rotated playoff sites, and it was the NFC Central's turn to play host to the conference championship game.

Forget about it being the NFC Championship game, name me any game that a team goes over 99 yards and gets no points and loses by 4 points. OVER 99 YARDS!!!

That doesn't happen in Pop Warner. This is what happened. In the 3rd quarter, the Vikings hold a 7-3 lead. A punt pinned the Rams inside their 1-yard line, but we moved out of danger to their 25.

Then Harris hit Harold Jackson for a 73-yard gain. Jackson should have scored, but he was nudged out of bounds by Jeff Wright at the Vikings' 2.

One play later the Rams were less than six inches from a 10-7 lead. But Harris, who could have fallen forward for the go-ahead TD, switched to a long count.The refs said Hall of Fame guard Tom Mack flinched, costing the Rams five yards.

Two plays later, linebacker Wally Hilgenberg intercepted Harris' tipped pass in the end zone. The Rams had gone 99 yards and produced no points. We lose by 4 points.

Jame Harris was inches away of beating Doug Williams by 13 years as being the first black QB to start in a Super Bowl.


Lansford puts Rams in Playoffs

THE PLAY= Lansford game winning FG from 42 yards for the win and playoff berth.

10.Mike Lansford 42 yard game-winning FG in the last game of the 1983 season puts the Rams in the playoffs.


Flipper connects

THE PLAY= Everett to Anderson for the overtime playoff win.

9.Jim Everett connects to Flipper Anderson in overtime in the 1989 playoff game against the Giants for the win.


Los Angeles Rams World Champs

THE PLAY= Van Brocklin to Fears for a 73 yard TD for the win and championship.

8.Van Brocklin to Fears on a 73 yard TD in the 1951 championship game brings the title to Los Angeles.


Jack's Day

THE PLAY= Youngblood's interception for a TD.

7. Jack Youngblood's interception for a TD in the 1975 playoff game against the Cardinals was only the beginning. He sacked Jim Hart three times, recovered a fumble and blocked an extra point try. Jack was NFL mvp in 1975.



THE PLAY= Isiah Robertsons interception for a game clinching TD.

6. Isiah Robertson's 55 yard interception for a game-clinching TD in the 1974 playoff game against the Redskins. It was the first playoff win for the Rams in almost two decades.



THE PLAY= Tony Guillory blocked punt.

5. The 1967 win against the Packers has to go down as one of the greatest Ramj games in their history. With less than a minute to go in the game, the Packers have a 24-20 lead. The Ram defense forces GB to punt.

Tony Guillory blocks Donnie Andersons punt and 80,000 Ramfans go crazy. Two plays later the Rams score a TD and win 27-24.



THE PLAY= Mike Jones tackle.

4. Mike Jones stopping Dyson on the next (and last) play, one yard from a touchdown that, with an extra point, would have tied the game and sent the Big Bowl into overtime for the first time.

        Dyson caught the slant from McNair at the St. Louis 3. After that, all everyone on the field had time to do was react.

  Jones reached for Dyson's waist and pulled. Dyson reached his arm with the football in it toward the goal line.

Jones won. By a yard.

        "Wrap this guy up," Jones thought. "Get him to the ground. That's what I did. Then I looked up and we were Super Bowl champions."

        The game ended at the St. Louis 1. In a game where two teams combined for 803 yards, the Rams won by three feet. Thirty-six inches.

Elmendorf and Simpson hit

THE PLAY= Elmendorf and Simpson's tackle of Dupree just inches from a first down.

3. Dave Elmendorf and Bill Simpson's hit on Billie Joe Dupree in the 1976 playoff game stopping Dallas from getting a first down by inches. In my opinion one of the greatest playoff games ever. A emotional rollercoaster ride at it's best.


Proehl catch beats Bucs

THE PLAY= Warner to Proehl for thde game winning TD.

2.In the NFC championship game against the TB Bucs. Bruce, Holt, Hakim and Faulk were shut down by the Bucs D.

With the Bucs winning 6-5 with just 4 minutes left, the Rams had a 3rd and 4 on the Buc's 30 yard line.

The Rams called timeout and the reason Ricky Proehl was in the game was because of Hakim cramping up.

Warner told Proehl if a safety blitzed to forget the 18-yard out he was supposed to run and try beating the cornerback straight up the sideline with a "fade" route.

A safety did blitz.

Proehl sneaked by second-year corner Brian Kelly. A perfect pass by Warner and a hell of a catch by Proehl for the winning TD put us in the Super Bowl.


Vinnie to Waddy

THE PLAY= Ferragamo to Waddy for the win

1.Ferragamo to Waddy for the game winning TD in the 1979 playoff game against the Cowboys. For me, it will always be the best. It put us in our first Super Bowl and finally beating a team that kept us from 3 SB in the 70's.


Do you have different plays? I love to hear them.

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