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The NFL Hall of Fame has selected 67 nominees for 2005. Rich Saul is one of them.

Rich Saul was a three-time All-Big Ten football player and two-time Scholastic All-American out of Michigan State.

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in round 8 of the 1970 draft. He started out playing on special teams and wherever the coaches put him.

Two great Ram veterans, Charlie Cowan and Joe Scibelli took the rookie Saul under their wings.

Just as Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen did with Jack Youngblood.

Rich was dedicated to succeeding as a team player. He always thrived on tough,hard-hitting, aggressive football. Saul said "You have to feel dedication, determination, self-sacrifice and pride.

You have to love to compete daily, you have to want to rise to the occasion, and you have to do your best in the fourth quarter.

You run the last 110 yards faster than the first 110, even though you're dying. Wanting to win. Those kinds of feelings have to be part of you."

Rich played his entire career for the Rams.

During those 12 seasons he played several positions, all on the offensive line: guard, tackle and center. His versatility earned him the nickname "Supe," or "Super-sub" by the mid-1970s.

Rich was the Ram's rookie of the the year in 1970. Played guard and tackle.

In 1976 he was Rams outstanding offensive lineman.

Saul was named All-NFC by Pro- Football Weekly in 1979, all-NFL by AP in 1980, and all-NFC by UPI in 1980.

He served as offensive co-captain of the Rams 1979-1981, and was selected to six consecutive Pro Bowl teams from 1976 to 1981.

"You look back on your years in football, and you remember that you sweat, you bled, you laughed, you cried, you did it all.

Every week you were going into battle, counting on the next guy. It's something which you just have to experience."

Forget that I am a die-hard Ramfan and throw out the fact that Eileen and Rich Saul are two of the best human beings on this planet.

Rich belongs in Canton.

I just watched every Ram playoff game starting with the 1976 Dallas game to Super Bowl XIV (a total of 8 games). Not the highlight video, but, the complete games.

I just focused on Rich Saul's every play. Rich Saul's performance was Hall of Fame.

Rich went head to head with Randy White, Alan Page, Lee Roy Selmon and Mean Joe Greene (all 4 are in the Hall of Fame) and won.

Voters, don't take my word for it. I will be glad to send you those games. Better yet, go ask White, Page, Selmon and Greene should Rich Saul be in the Hall of Fame.