The Rams have a 19-17-1 edge over the Eagles.


It wasn't the greatest debut for Ray Malavasi as head coach, but, he will take it.

The Ram offense couldn't put a Touchdown on the scoreboard, but, rookie Frank Corral was awesome.

Corral gave LA it's first six points for the 1978 season. But, with seconds to go the Rams were losing 14-13. It's up to Corral and it's almost a 50 yarder.

The Rams win 16-14.



St Louis Rams reached their second Super Bowl in three years with a 29-24 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game. Marshall Faulk was the Rams' hero, rushing for a career play-off-high 159 yards and scoring two second-half touchdowns.

St Louis, who had the NFL's best record in the regular season, will now face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans on 3 February.

St Louis quarterback Kurt Warner showed no ill effects from the sore ribs that forced him out of training earlier in the week.

We felt to win this game, we had to get that ball to Marshall

St Louis coach Mike Martz The league's Most Valuable Player finished with 22-for-33 for 212 yards and one touchdown.

Meanwhile, receiver Isaac Bruce had eight receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown.

Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb was 18-for-30 for 171 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

The Eagles, who were the underdogs, had the better of the first half of the game, leading 17-13 at half-time.

St Louis could not get a hold of the game and were kept off-balance by the tight Philadelphia defence.

But the match turned in the third quarter when the Rams dominated the clock and scored 10 points.

They ran 22 of the 28 plays in the period, with Jeff Wilkins landing his third field goal and Faulk making a one-yard touchdown run.

Faulk then dived over for another one-yarder in the fourth quarter.

McNabb scored on a three-yard run to reduce the deficit for Philadelphia with 2:56 to play.

Duce Staley penetrates the Rams' defence

After forcing a punt, the Eagles had one last comeback try, but All-Pro cornerback Aeneas Williams had his sixth career play-off interception and ran down the field for another Rams' touchdown.

"We came up a little short but I'm proud of the guys," said Philadelphia coach Andy Reid.

"They are all coming back and we will give it another run next year."

Meanwhile the Rams will head for Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans, Faulk's home town.

"I couldn't have written a script better than this," he said.


The 1989 NFC wild card game was between the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams went 11-5 and the game was played at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.

The Rams came out blazing. Jim Everett hit Greg Bell on the first play of the game for a 23 yard gain. Four plays later, Everett hit Henry Ellard for a 45 yard TD giving the Rams a early 7-0 lead.

On the Rams next possession, Everett and Ellard hooked up for a 50 yard strike. Three plays later, Everett hit TE Damoine Johnson for a 7 yard TD expanding the Rams lead 14-0.

Everett threw for over 170 yards in just the first quarter. The Rams were about to blow this game wide open as Everett hit Flipper Anderson on a 60 yard strike giving the Rams the ball on the Eagles 3 yard line. But, Bell fumbled the ball and the Eagles recovered.

Bell's fumble seemed like a minor setback for the Rams because not only were they controlling the ball on offense, they were confusing the Eagles on defense too.

Thanks to a innovative scheme designed by defensive coordinator, Fritz Shurmer.

Shurmer had the Rams play a zone coverage for the entire game. And the Eagles QB Randell Cunningham played right into the Rams hands.

The Rams also flooded the field with their quickest defenders. Sometimes playing 6 defensive backs and 5 linebackers. Forcing two first half turnovers.

While the Rams defense shutdown the Eagles in the first half, they were not able to build on their 14-0 lead. And the Eagle had to feel fortunate that a first half so dominated by the Rams, the score was 14-0 as the first half ended.

Late in the third quarter Cunningham finally broke thru the Rams containment with scrambles of 22 and 15 yards. With the ball on the Rams 2 yard line, the Eagles took it in to narrow the Rams lead 14-7.

But Greg Bell and the Rams turned the lights out for Philly as he ran for 60 yards all the way to the Eagles 9 yard line.


With less than 3 minutes to play, Bell put the final touches on his 27 carry 124 yard day as he scored from the 3 yard line giving the Rams a 21-7 lead and minutes later the win.

Jackie Slater went one on one with Reggie White. Slater dominated White so completely that White only made four tackles for the entire game.

It was the first playoff win for THE RAMS SINCE 1985.



The Rams were 8-0 when they met the Eagles. It was the first time the Rams would play on astroturf.

It wouldn't be easy.

The Rams offense had to punt on their first possession.

But, the Ram defense led by Deacon Jones, forced the Eagles to punt.

Again, the Eagles forced the Rams in a missed FG.

On the Eagles next drive they get into FG range and make it.

The quarter ends with the Eagles with a 3-0 lead.

The Rams go 3 and out.

Then QB Snead hits Harold Jackson (yes) for a 45 yard TD making the score 10-0 and smeeled upset.

For the rest of the half the Rams would have to punt or miss 3 FG's.

The half ends with the Eagles having a 10-0 lead.

The Rams came out throwing.

With Snow and Tucker at the ends the Rams go all the way to the Eagles 14 yard line.

On 4th and 2, the Rams setup for a FG, BUT, holder Eddie Meader picks the ball up and runs it for a first down.

Eddie did it on his own.

Two plays later, Gabriel hit Truax for a TD, making the score 10-7 Eagles.

Eddie Meador forces a fumble and the Rams have it on the Eagles 30.

Gabe runs it to the 12 yard line, but, the Eagles hold and Gossett comes in to tie it up 10-10.

Eddie Meador picks off Snead and runs it back for a TD.

Within 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter, Meador scores 17 points.

On the kick-off return the Eagles fumbled setting up another gossett FG. Making it 20-10 Rams.

Clancy Williams picks off a Snead pass setting up another Gossett FG.

The Eagles get a new life as their punt touches a Ram and the Eagles have the ball on the Rams 28 yard line.

TD Eagles making the score 23-17.

With 30 second left the Eagles had the ball and have the ball on the 27 yard line of the Rams.

With one second left Snead almost hits Hawkins for the game winning td.

But, the rams go 9-0. with a 23-17.

But without their great safety the Rams would of felt defeat for the first time in the 69 season.


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