Villa Capri Mobile Estates is a five star all age park. Located in Fresno, Ca.

Just an hour from world famous Yosemite National Park and less than 2 hours from Morrow Bay.

This 150 space park was built in 1971 by Arthur E. Lewis development Corporation.


Residents enjoy the resort style living with both swimming pool and indoor jacuzzi. The rec hall has an extensive kitchen and huge card and bingo room.

Two billiard tables, library and coffee room. With washer and dryer facilities. Along with storage area for their RV's.

Management Team

Alan Morita of Palm Inc. has been running many 5 star Mobile Home Parks from Palm Springs to Fresno. Experience counts at the top.

Mr. Morita adds "In this specialized industry with constant change, it is important to have competent, informed managers who understand the investers needs along with the tenants needs."

But what Mr. Morita is truly proud of is the management team he has assembled for Villa Capri. He boasts "I defy you to find a better team."

The onsite managers are Paula. With over 2 decades of mobile home park management.

Her greatest talent is handling 150 different worlds. The tenants.

Helen Smades, a tenant, says "the management is the best thing to happen to this park".

They are a big reason why Villa Capri has won the coveted Mobile Home Park 5 star award 5 times.

And we can't forget Pepe the lawnmower man. A fine fine man.


At Villa Capri Mobile Estates, the management understands the tenants needs. From security (security cameras)to listening to the tenants concerns.

Paula says "We welcome our tenants complaints because once we know about them they are handled. That's how I have been doing it for some 22 years, and it works".

She adds "the only problem we have is people wanting to move in".

"We have an open door policy, any tenant can come in and ask for help and we will give it."

They both add "Everyday is something new and I can't wait until morning".

Every holiday is celebrated. From Valentines day to New Years Eve.

The rec hall is transformed into that holiday by our own Claudia. There is no one better.

The head of the "welcome wagon" (to make the new tenants feel like family) is Carol. Carol adds "I try to make the new tenants feel like they are part of a family. The Villa Capri family."

Mr. Morita and the on-site management team have put in alot of effort to revitalizing the community.

In the last three years the mobile homes in Villa Capri have appreciated 3 times the original price.

Some sell for over $100,000 (in less than a week).

What that says is the location, management from Mr. Morita down to Pepe the groundskeeper has no equal.

A waiting list to get a space is over one year.

Home of Carl and Clara Harr. Non stop working in making their home one of the best in the Valley.
The Philosophy and Approach

Lisa Coffman's green thumb is evident.

Alan Morita approach is to keep the parks pristine. For instance, Palm Canyon Mobile Home Estates was built in 1962. But, Mr. Morita says "I defy anyone who can find a better loacation than that park at the monthly rent we charge."

Villa Capri has the best location at the lowest rent in the valley.

He stays on top of all the parks he runs.

But, Villa Capri is his favorite.

Mr. Morita says "As I arrive in Fresno so many great memories come to mind. Mostly it's the tenants like Betty that bring a smile to my face."



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