Fred Dryer was on the Roy Firestone show in 1990. Dryer was talking about being interviewed by Andy Warhol for his magazine (that's the front cover) when he told this story about Mike Fanning joining Fred on the Warhol interview. Dryer said after listening to Warhol and "his friends". Freddy said "Mike for 2 hours is being barraged by Warhol (with a pixie camera Warhol sneaks taking pictures of Fanning) Warhol two friends kept smiling at him and giggling.Mike hasn't said a word the whole time. Dryer explains when you throw in Mike's an okie from oklahoma, well just listen.Let me set this up, Dryer gave warhol some tickets to the game and warhol said he doesn't want to sit with these kind of people. When they said goodbye, Fanning had this to say about Warhol.LISTEN

Ram pictures tell a story: