I was a fan of Joe Frazier like I am with my Rams, Dodgers, Lakers and SC.

A die-hard fan.

I was 13 years old when Ali and Frazier signed for their first fight.

The next day my Dad got 3 tickets for the fight.

20 bucks for a ticket in 71 was a little large.

I was the only kid at my Jr. High that went to the fight.

The day of bout every class only talked who will win.

When I see my brother's car my driveway

I race home

I can see him like it was yesterday reading the Herald Examiner sport section

with that Camel cigarette in his mouth.

We get to the Anaheim Convention Center it was packed.

From the fight and the crowd it was a total rush for a 13 year old.

And when Frazier put Ali on his ass the place exploded.

A great night with my brother and Dad.

About a month later Gemco sold a real size poster of Frazier in his green trunks.

It went on back of my door.

In 1973 my Dad who was born in Wales took the family to Great Britain.

The Gods were looking after me because we were going to be there when Frazier fought Joe Bugner

in London.

Frazier trained at Piccadilly Square.

I went 3 times to see him train.

Admission was one dollar.

I was so excited to see this fight that I didn't want to miss nothing.

So I got my parents to go to Earl's Court Arena at 2 in the afternoon.

(It is about the size of the Forum)

We sat in our seats and it was totally black

I hear my dad say (he was just a 2 seats away and I couldn't see him) "I think were kind of early."

We didn't see a person for the next 3 hours.

Remember I didn't want to miss nothing.

This place got packed.

Brent Mussburger did the fight for CBS.

I went down and ask him are you the new Howard Cosell.

he laughed and said Howard goes to the bank more than I.

When Frazier came in with the American flag I went nuts.

Then when Bugner came in with the Union Jack flag the place erupted

The guy behind us said he has 50 pounds on Frazier.

Right when the fight started he started yelling "STOP THE BLOODY FIGHT"

And frazier was losing.

Just a magical night.

My Mom always made fun of me and my Dad for going to the fights.

We finally got her to go to the Ali Frazier 2.

When Joe and Ali went toe to toe in the middle of the fight and the theatre went nuts.

I turn to my left and there is my mom clinched fists yelling GET HIM GET HIM.

I defend Joe like I do with my 70's Ram defenses.

They both don't get their just due as being great

The first fight with Ali that Frazier won

Do you know what the DVD is called to get the entire fight (it is

great because there is no commenting you just hear the punches and


It is called ALI THE FIGHTER.

Joe Frazier home was Philadelphia.

Wins the Olympic gold medal in the heavyweight division.

Becomes Heavyweight champion

Built his gym in Philly

And who is the statue they put up.



And the media who loved Ali calling Frazier Uncle Tom, ugly as a

gorilla, ignorant and made fun of how Frazier talked.


But, when Frazier who off the cuff made a statement 10 times funnier

than all Ali's remarks.

When Frazier was ask what he thought of Ali lighting the 1996 Olympic

torch and Frazier said "I wish he fell in it."

The media went nuts. How dare he.

So when I heard Frazier is dying of liver cancer

Apart of my youth died.

My sport memories are embedded in my mind.

It is the moments that stay forever in your mind more than the game.

Vinnie to Waddy

Magic mini sky hook

Gibson's HR

Anthony Davis kickoff return for a TD.

Those three Frazier fights and being with my late Mom Dad and brother are so cherished

God bless you Joe I love you.



Greatest sporting event of all-time.


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