I have come aways and I have paid the price.

The Rams have cost me plenty.

From my money with those sure lock picks in those playoff games in the 70's to some of my sanity for moving my Rams back east .

I sometimes want to say "The hell with you Georgia for moving my Rams to St. Louis" and pack it in.

But, I can't do that.

I stay loyal to my Rams or I know I am nothing.

Then I look around and I see Gator,Shaky, Anthony, my two Nephews, Ram Rock, Ramfan, J-Man, Eric Anthony,ZN,Steve Roberts, Ram King, Don Thompson, Greg Black,Alex Nagel, Bob Dover, Lou Price, Jim Mcdowell,Rabid Boar,Kevin Morris,Wolfram, Donna Wesphal,Richard from Hawaii,Ramsforever,CARams,Fitzrams,Big Roy,Jorge,Mike Sepulveda, Jimmy 7709,Coach King, Canuck Ramfan,Joe Verdugo, timlan2057.Ramstrike.fearless tom, vegas fresno, oldgeek,interference,wannabelikehugh,loyal ram, gods of thunder,ramming speed, ghost of number 18 and smithharvard, Canuck Rams and Hacksaw.

Then there is my immediate family TM,RT,CB,COACH KING,DAN AND FEARSOMEFOURSOME.

Then I know I am not alone in this world.

There are maybe 36 of us left who were Ram fans when it wasn't popular to be Ram fans.

And were family. THE RAM FAMILY.