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This is how NFL Films 1975 Ram-Cardinal playoff highlight video starts out. Listen to what he says and the above picture is what the film shows. LISTEN Don't you just love that line "UNLIKE most people that are camera shy, when Los Angeleanos see one pointed at them they light up and put on a show." Maybe the east coast is just jealous of us So. Cals. The next audio is from the NFL Films 1974 playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins.Look at the picture as the audio plays. This one doesn't add up. After slamming the LA Ramfan many times he adds over 80,000 at the game. If the Ramfan isn't as loyal as this guy says then why is there 80,000 Ramfans there? LISTEN

...102,000. Nah, were not fans.

COMPREHEND THIS The Rams had sellouts until the 1991 season.

John Shaw first thought to break the Anaheim lease he would have to prove hardship.

How do you prove hardship?

By having a low attendance.

How do you get a low attendance?

By having a piss poor team.

How do you get a piss poor team?

By not being very active in plan b players.

That is why the decline from being 45 minutes from being in the Super Bowl in 1989 to just 2 years later swimming with the worst teams in the NFL.

While the Niners reloaded in Plan B players, we started losing key players to plan B.

So when I hear "There were more Raider fans at the big A than Ram fans".

That's true, JUST FOR ONE YEAR. And that was in 1994.

And if you think the St. Louis fans would of sold out. Think again.

The Rams announced they were moving and it was the 5th season in a row of just winning an average of 5 games.

Just remember the last two home games in 1998 in St. Louis had 17,000 no-shows.


But, ain't fate funny cause without those 17,000 no-shows (that is 1/3rd of the TWA Dome) we wouldn't of won SB 34.


In Octoctor of 1988, on a Friday night the Lakers sold out.

On Saturday USC had 74,000 at the Coliseum. UCLA had 66,000 AT THE Rose Bowl.

That Saturday night, the Kings sold out at the Forum and 58,000 Were at Dodger Stadium to watch Kirk Gibson hit his HR in game one of the World Series.

Then on Sunday, the Rams sold out sold did Dodger stadium for game two and then that Sunday night the Lakers sold out. NO OTHER CITY COULD DO THAT.