The "what if" machine
Pepe the lawn mower mexican has invented the greatest invention since the wheel. He call it the "what if" time machine. Lisa was the incentive. Pepe says "I have never been in love with someone like I am with Lisa. But, what kept haunting me was I wonder what it would of been like if I met Lisa when I was 35 instead of my age of 50. And Pepe went to work. Knowing he can't go back in time, he invented a "what if DVD machine. As Pepe explains "With the hi-tech PC called the WEBTV I put in are dna and set it for the year 1989 (when I am 35 years old and Lisa is 27 years old. In tomorrow's paper will be the 4 hour DVD of their lives together and with family and friends.

How their lives changed
In 1989, Lisa and Pepe had one thing in common, both were immature, hung around friends that were immature and seem like their lives was just spinning away. But, if they would of met they both would grow up because they would have responsibilities, EACH OTHER. Pepe wouldn't make vodka his hobby and Lisa wouldn't smoke and need all those sleeping pills. Lisa would be Pepe's biggest fan and make him write some of his stories down. Pepe first novel is about exactly this. With his first royalty check he gives it to Lisa Mother, Nadine. Who just started a new career as investment professional. She knows where to invest and her new career takes off. CNN hires her for her own show, called NADINE SCENE. She writes two books one called "buy low and sell HIGH". And the other is called Oklahoma. Both best sellers.

How their lives changed
Pepe's friends, Sam, Anthony and Gerald change like Lisa and Pepe did. Instead of Sam being the black Ralph Kramden, he become owner of a 11 store chain called Sam's detailing. Anthony wouldn't be just a side kick on KXEX sport talk show, he would be nation wide number one sport talk host called Anthony's take on sports. Gerald wouldn't have just one italian restauraunt he would have a chain. Because of Lisa Dad being a grandpa he would fly out to California and would sprain his leg. When he is at the hospital they do a major checkup and find out his blood pressure is too high and that day get him on blood thinners. As fate would have it because of that sprain Lisa's Dad is still with us. It's funny how things can change if you meet someone earlier in your life. Pepe invented a great machine, maybe too great.


I didn't like my yesterdays

Except for a dream or two

But Ive got lots of plans for tomorrow

And all my tomorrows belong to you

Right now it may not seem like spring

I'm hurting and the laughs are few

I hope rainbows are planned for tomorrow

Then my tomorrows would belong to you No one knows better than i

That luck keeps passing me by

But that's fate

But with you there at my side

Someone that I can confide

just wait

As long as Ive got arms

Its you that I be clinging to

And all the dreams I dream.

On some bright tomorrow theyll all come true

And all my bright tomorrows belong to you

Love Always gary