Fresno vs Antioch Kaiser Permente personnal

For someone that has had major surgery and care at the two hospitals I can give you an honest opinion on the two.

And what a difference.

First, my medical history.

In 2007, I got colon cancer.


It was at the Fresno Kaiser hospital.

They were professional, compassionate and care the best.

I have my chemo in Kaiser Fresno hospital.

My Doctor is Dr. Inoye

Her first name is Grace.

It it fits her right to a tee.

Her staff is professional, hard working and caring.

Just one day there you see they work as a team.

When I got liver cancer the only hospital that does surgery is the Antioch Kaiser hospital (northern California)

The surgeon is great but the intensive care and recovery personnal are the WORST.

There were a few GREAT nurses but on the whole they were not a team arrogant and LAZY.

And the worst thing is the were LIARS.

The bay area arrogance

I am not saying everyone from the bay area are arrogant.

Just everyone I have met.

I have 2 Uncles, 2Aunts and 7 cousins that live in the bay area.

I love everyone of them.

But, can't stand none of them.