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Daisy, Rotating


All the things you have done for me I want to say thank you and I love you so much.
Ambrosian Boys Choir - Suo Gan - A Welsh Lullaby (Empire Of The Sun).mp3
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Earth Spinning

To my lullaby surrender
Warm and tender is my breast
Mother's arms with love caressing
Lay their blessing on your rest
Nothing shall tonight alarm you
None shall harm you, have no fear
Lie contented, calmly slumber
On your mother's breast, my dear

Here tonight I tightly hold you
And enfold you while you sleep
Why, I wonder, are you smiling
Smiling in your slumber deep?
Are the angels on you smiling
And beguiling you with charm
While you also smile, my blossom
In my bosom soft and warm?

Have no fear now, leaves are knocking
Gently knocking at our door
Have no fear now, waves are beating
Gently beating on the shore
Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
Nor alarm you, never cry
In my bosom sweetly smiling
And beguiling those on high

Ringing Bell

I don't believe todays superstars,
Organic food and gay bars.

I believe in the price of gold;
The certainty of growing old.

That right is right and left is wrong,
There's no way Pelosi is really strong.

That east is least and west is best.
And being first is always best.

But I believe in love.
I believe in babies.
I believe in Mom and Dad.
And I believe in you two.

Well, I don't believe that heaven waits,
For only those who congregate.

I like to think of God as love:
He's down below, He's up above.

He's watching people everywhere.
He knows who does and doesn't care.
I'm just an ordinary man,
Handicapped being a dam ram fan.

But I believe in love.
I believe in music.
I believe in magic.
And I believe in you two.
In sleeping days and sleepless nights,
That black is black and white is white.

That Superman and Robin Hood,
Are still alive in Hollywood.

That Obama's is just getting by.
That health care will finally die.

But I believe in love.
I believe in old folks.
I believe in children.
I believe in you two.

I believe in love.
I believe in babies.
I believe in Mom and Dad.
And I believe in you two.

Snow-capped mountains